[Recording] Investigative Tools for the Defense: Subpoenas, Social Media, & Blood Evidence

Presented by: Audrey Rife & Nikia Redmond

Moderated by: Dan Kundiger

How do we get that? What can a qualified investigator do to improve your practice and what you can do to help your investigator get the information that you need. This 1.5 hour presentation will discuss how investigators work and discusses the types of information and evidence that they can obtain. This discussion will focus on the issuing of subpoenas and how they can utilized to obtain documents and other evidence. It will examine what evidence can be obtained from social media and how you would go about obtaining it. This presentation will also discuss the collection and use of serology and DNA evidence and how an investigator can assist in attacking such evidence. The presenters will provide a quick start guide on how to handle such evidence, as well as what to look for, and how to deal with common misconceptions regarding blood and DNA evidence.

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