[Recording] More Investigative Tools for the Defense: Witness Tracking, Child Pornography & Accident Reconstruction

Presented by: David Williams, Edna Velez, & Robert Lunsford

Moderated by: Dan Kundiger

How we going to get that evidence? This second 1.5 hour presentation continues with how you work with your investigators and what kind of information they can help you unearth and obtain in useable form. Our three presenters will discuss three distinct areas of investigation which could impact your practice. First, Investigator David Williams will discuss the functions of investigators and the tools that investigators utilize to collect evidence and information. Second, Investigator Edna Velez will review the kinds of evidence that can be located and utilized in dealing with child pornography cases. Finally, Investigator Rob Lunsford will discuss how accident reconstruction can impact cases. He will review what evidence can be located and what evidence should be requested, as well as how the work and evidence presented by the State can be attacked.

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