[Recording] Reid Method Pt. 1

Presented by: Colette Tvedt & James Trainum

Moderated by: Mary Acosta

Confession cases are some of the most difficult to defend; judges prosecutors, juries, and even some criminal defense lawyers, often believe that only guilty people confess to crimes. In the webinar we will focus on both suppressing confessions and persuading juries that confessions are false. Colette will focus on how to litigate motions to suppress due to Miranda violations, involuntariness, and lack of reliability; how to hire and present expert testimony at suppression hearings and trial; and how to present this testimony to judges pretrial and jurors in trial– both in cross examining law enforcement interrogators and presenting expert testimony. She will also discuss the Reid Interrogation Technique that has been taught to law enforcement for decades.

CLE Credit Available until September 28, 2022

Materials: Dropbox Link