The Information Technology (IT) Intern will help provide consultation and day-to-day administration/support of the hardware/software used by attorneys and staff using desktops and laptops. This internship program will provide an opportunity to gain valuable hands-on experience in the Information Technology field.

The IT Intern in this position will assist the IT Coordinator for the Harris County Public Defender’s Office (PDO). The IT Intern will have the opportunity to learn and gain valuable insight into the types of software and hardware supported by the PDO. The IT Intern will assist with the installation, configuration and support of desktop and laptop workstations along with the accompanying software. Duties will include providing support for printers, scanners as well as peripherals that include Microsoft Office Suite and various other Windows hosted applications. Additional duties will include performing various tasks to help advance PDO goals and objectives.

The IT Intern should be detail-oriented and analytical; they should also have a basic understanding of Windows client operating systems, computer systems and software along with some programming knowledge. The IT Intern must be able to understand and organize technical information and by presenting documentation that is both competent and well-written. The IT Intern must have completed 30 hours of college work in either Information Technology and/or Computer Science Information Systems.

SALARY: This is an unpaid position

DURATION: 12 Weeks (Flexible)

CLOSING: Upon filling position