The PDO offers an array of services to members of the private bar, for both appointed and hired cases. We want to improve the quality of the defense bar for every accused person, not just our own clients.

We offer trial support from our appellate division, immigration advice regarding consequences of guilty pleas, form motions, and more.

Feel free to come by the office in person or call (713) 368-0016 if you need assistance. We are here to help.

I want to thank PD’s office for their tremendous help in my murder trial this week. They rode to the rescue on two separate issues and provided valuable input and case law. Thank you so much.

Transcript Bank

The office maintains an online database of professional witnesses frequently used by the Harris County District Attorney’s Office, for purposes of trial preparation and impeachment of state witnesses.

Trial Support

We offer an array of services and resources to the private bar, including library access and research assistance, both before and during trial.